Little Caper
November 2007
Moved  Little Caper from La Paz to San Carlos, Mexico with the help of our intrepid
sailing friends, Ron & Kathi,   Met in San Carlos then took the ferry  to Santa Rosalia
(12 hours) then the bus to La Paz (8 hours), this following an 18 hour road trip to San
Carlos.  Needless to say, we were happy to stop moving.  Spent a couple of days in
La Paz getting the boat ready to go back in the water and  enjoying the artwork along
the malecon.  After making sure all systems were go, headed toward Caletta Partida,
our first anchorage.  The next morning snorkeled at the Sea Lion Reserve.  Always
Our next anchorage was San Jose.  Great dinghy ride through a lagoon plus a
wonderful cactus forest.
Kathi's a great cook and we ate fish until I cried "Uncle!"
Water was pretty cold so we had to don full wet suits to snorkel!
Typical Mexican Architecture in
Loretto and Santa Rosalia
Beach at Punta Chivata.  Yes, those are shells!
Taking Caper out of the water.
Trip  back to Colorado.  Views of Mexican hat.