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Randy's cruising logs season 1
Latest Caper, March 26 2007, Marigot St Lucia
Greetings from St. Lucia,
Yes, after a unscheduled overnight stay in San Juan we are back on Latest Caper! It is great to be back on the boat. Mom and
Dad are doing great and looking good. The weather has been over cast since we have been here but the temperature is just right.

The first morning here we jumped right into boat projects. Luckily the project list is pretty short! First on the list is to fix the
autopilot. So the first thing I do is get the manual out only to find out the only thing it tells you is that there are no user serviceable
parts and to take it to a authorized dealer for repairs. Yeah like there’s a authorized dealer in da islands mon. So we dig into it and
find the problem right away only we not sure how it’s supposed to come apart. Next thing we know 21 ball bearings are flying about
the cockpit and I remember why sailors drink a lot. We did manage to get it all back together right on the second try. Of course the
part we need is not available in da islands mon. Oh well don’t worry be happy we can always steer the old fashion way.  Hopefully
we can get it ordered and sent to Jon & Jenne’s and they can bring it down when they come in May. Then Jon and I can play the
ball bearing game. The next thing on the list is to figure out which one of our water tanks is leaking but we are putting that off until
after we restock the Rum.

I found a project boat in Rodney Bay that someone could pickup cheap. It seems to be taking on some water but the canon
appears to be in working order. See pictures.  

Our plan is to stay in St. Lucia until Mom & Dad leave on April 3rd. Then Cheryl and I will sail to St. Vincent and explore the island
until Nancy & Randy come in mid April and then Jon & Jenne on May 3rd. Then we will head south through the Grenadines and
onto Grenada where we will leave the boat for hurricane season. If anyone would like to join us the last couple of weeks in May
you can e-mail us at .

Until next time Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg!
The Latest Caper Crew
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The Black Pearl
on right
The Black Pearl from the movie
Pirates of the Caribbean
Latest Caper, March 29 2007, Soufriere St Lucia
Hope you are all well. We are getting a  little soggy down here. It would suck if this was your charter week and it rained the whole

Ok we started our adventure in Rodney Bay and after a couple of days sailed down to Marigot. Marigot is a very pretty bay. We
went out to dinner and spent a couple hours the next day cleaning the bottom of the boat.  How glamorous is that? The next day we
sailed down to Soulfriere. Wow what a beautiful place. It has 2 high peaks called the Pitons and is very lush, lush = rain. The
following day we took a tour. They, taxi driver Ricardo and Marlin 23 year old rasta wanna be guide, took us to the drive- in
volcano, some hot springs below the volcano and to a waterfall / botanical gardens. The volcano was cool yet stinky, sulphur. The
hot springs where naturally fed with man made pools. Hung out for a couple of hours. Marlin found us some coconuts and some
Cocoa beans. The cocoa beans were interesting after busting it open you ate the yogurt like stuff and sucked on the seeds. Very
yummy! The water fall was cool and the flowers there were amazing. Later that day this rasta dude named Pascal swam out to the
boat. He had these bowls that he carves. They were way cool, Mom bought 2. He was quite the character. Today Cheryl and I went
scuba diving. The reef was very much alive and reminded me of Honduras. Saw everything except lobsters :( . After lunch I took the
dinghy out fishing. What a loser,  can’t even catch a fish in a National Park Oh well breakfast for dinner not that bad.

We still have not figured out, or looked,  which tank is leaking water but we did get some Rum. Today’s project was to rebuild my
head (toilet). As you remember we have 4 so it wasn’t an emergency but decide it was best to keep up. Finished at 4:30 which just
happens to be happy hour!  The anchorage in Soufriere’s is beautiful with the Piton’s in the back ground so we had a Rum drink
and all is good in paradise.

The Latest Caper crew        
Latest Caper, April 6 2007, Wallilabou St Vincent
Ahoy Mates,
How are you all? Please write and tell. Cheryl and I are currently in Wallilabou St Vincent. The weather is sun shine, 80 degrees with
a light ocean breeze. Absolutely perfect!

Last I wrote we where in Soufriere St Lucia.  What a beautiful place. Unfortunately my  memories will be of rain. From Soufriere we
motor sailed to Vieux Fort which is at the southern tip of St Lucia.  On the way I caught a barracuda. He was yummy. This is where
the big airport is and where my folks are flying out of. Vieux Fort is not on the tourist map, well except for maybe the airport. We all
four had lunch, curry chicken, mac and cheese, a salad and a Coke for $32 EC or about $13.50 US that’s just over $3.00 a piece.
Also there are no boat boys. Boat boys lurk about in small boats and when they see the boat coming into the bay they spring to life
to help guide you in. Which you really don’t need. Then they help you with the mooring ball. Which you really don’t need. Then they
try to sell you stuff that you don’t really need. Then they charge you for all the things you could have done yourself. Oh well don’t
worry be happy mon. My folks left on April 3rd and so Cheryl and I start a new Caper. On the 4th we went to the store one more
time. You can’t have to much rum mon. And on the morning of the 5th set sail to St Vincent. It was the first time that Cheryl and I
have made an open ocean passage on the boat by ourselves. The weather was great 12 to 15 out of the NE with 4' seas. Just
sailing along at 6 to 7 knots. I was thinking of putting out more sail but decided not to because my Dad told me the wind really starts
to blow just as you near St Vincent. Yep father knows best! Just as he said the wind picked up to maybe 20 and the waves to about
6'. It was great!!! Just glad I didn’t put out more sail earlier or it would have been really exciting. Top speed I saw was 9.4 not a
record but close. I figured we’d catch a fish about then but no luck. We sailed into the closest Port of Entry to check into the
country. The name of the town is Wallilabou this the bay where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. There are still some buildings,
docks and some props around. It’s pretty cool and we can’t wait to come back with Nancy & Randy and then again with Jenni & Jon.
We have the movies on board so we can watch them the night before we tour the bay. This morning Cheryl and I walked to a water
fall near town and hung out for a couple of hours. On the way back we stopped at a local artist store and the guy said that he
remembered my Mom from last month. She is memorable. I mean that in the nicest way Mom. After lunch we cleaned the outside of
the boat top and bottom. Tomorrow we are going to sail to Bequia a small island south of St Vincent. This weekend is the Easter
Regatta. The guy at the art shop said it was the biggest weekend of the year next to carnival. I would hate to miss that party so we
will leave in the morning.

There is still some open berths the last two weeks in May. What are you waiting for? Rubber Biscuit?

The Latest Caper Crew
PS is 2 a crew?
Latest Caper, April 14, 2007, Port Elizabeth, Bequia

We are in Bequia. Bequia is a small island about 10 miles south of St. Vincent. We'd only planned on staying 3 or 4 days but we've
been here for 8 and don’t plan on leaving for 2 more days. Yes, we like it here. The first 3 nights we anchored off Princess Margaret
Beach. The last 2 nights it was pretty rolly so we moved farther into the bay. We are now on a mooring ball right off the town. The
price is right $30EC or $12US a night. We get free wireless Internet and we are about 75 yards from the dive shop. I've gone diving 3
times. Cheryl has gone only once. What’s up with that? Girls?
The first few days here the Bequia Easter Regatta was happening. There where lots of boats racing in different classes. We enjoyed
watching the local classic boats. These boats are about 25' and have bamboo masts and booms. They are crewed by 6 people and
have double trapezes. They start the races off the beach. We would hear the count down and then the horn would blow and the
crews would drag the boats into the water, with the sails already hoisted,and off they would go. Pretty cool.
There is a nice little fruit & veggie market close to the dinghy dock. So we have been eating lots of fruit. We have had local
pineapple, mango's, guava, passion fruit, soursop, grape fruit, oranges, limes, bananas, watermelon. In fact I think I noticed
pineapples growing out of Cheryl’s ears. Lets see, oh we walked across the island to a turtle sanctuary a couple of days ago. The
guy gets hatchlings and raises them until they are 4 years old then releases them. He’s been doing it for 12 years and has released
835 turtles.
Nancy & Randy are coming to visit on the 19th. We are meeting them in St. Vincent. We are really looking forward to their visit. It
should take some of the pressure off of Cheryl as I seem to need lots of attention and I am always wanting to play.

Cheers for now
The Latest Caper Crew
PS I guess none of you know if 2 is a crew?       
Latest Caper, April 27, 2007, Blue lagoon St. Vincent

Greetings mates. Randy and I are on a mooring ball at the Blue Lagoon. We dropped off Randy & Nancy on Wednesday. We had
a SUPER time with them. They were with us for 6 fun filled days. We started out by taking a taxi to the Montreal Gardens, a very
picturesque place, and to  see the interior part of the Island. This was well worth the trip. The Gardens are very well kept. I was
getting sort of spooked by the places we were passing. It didn’t help matters that Randy started to “hum” the Deliverance song. We
had the taxi guy take us into town and find us a place to have lunch with the locals. We also needed to provision the boat. We
came across this beautiful old church. Nancy has this thing about cemeteries, so we walked around one for awhile.

The next day we headed to Wallilaboo to stay for a couple of nights. It is still one of my favorite places. When we started walking to
the falls, two local boys thought we needed some help, so they are now our official guides. Well, these two friends, Sam age 12 &
Buddy age 10 were a blast. They were happily entertaining us with their silliness. When we got to the falls everybody was jumping
right in the water, Not me, It took me a little longer, our little friends started to splash us. Randy told them “Don’t Splash Momma” or
they wouldn’t get a tip. Oh brother, all the way back they kept saying “Don’t Splash Momma, Don’t Splash Momma”. The next day
when we got up, we heard from the shore “Don’t Splash Momma”.

The next day we went to “Petit Byahaut” for a day of snorkeling and stay the night. We grabbed a mooring ball. Nancy & Randy had
never snorkeled before, they took right to it. When we were ready for a beer we all headed back to the boat. Randy snorkeled the
mooring line, he said it was like a kite string. I bet next time he checks this before we snorkel. We headed back to Wallilaboo and
anchored off the shore.

On their last day we motored up to this black beach we had passed earlier in the trip. What a wonderful last day. We had this
beach to ourselves, well no other tourists, there were a couple of locals messing with some coconuts. The Randy’s came back with
some freshly opened ones in exchange for some iced tea. What a trade!

Jon & Jenne will be arriving next week. They will be here for 2 weeks, so  they will help me entertain Randy for awhile. We will sail
down island through the Grenadines to Grenada where they will fly home from.  

Best wishes to all.
Love, Latest Caper crewette.

Latest Caper, June 1, St. David, Grenada

Cheryl and I are in Grenada preparing to have the boat hauled out of the water for hurricane season. Lots of work putting the boat
up for 6 months. We are looking forward to getting it done and coming home for the summer.

Jenne & Jon left last week they were with us for over two weeks. We picked them up in St. Vincent. On their first day we went to
botanical gardens  then we went back to the marina and hung out in the pool and drank beer. The following day Jon chartered a
fishing boat and we did some fishing. We caught 3 wahoo and 3 barracudas. Sushi for dinner.. The next morning we  had a nice
sailed to Bequia. We did some snorkeling in the bay the next day and saw a sea horse, octopus, eels and lots of fish. We also hiked
to the turtle farm. The next day we sailed to Canaun. This is as far south as we have been. After we got a mooring ball Jenne, Jon
and I went snorkeling on a near by reef. Lots of cool stuff. We saw some lobsters but were unable to get one. I did spear my first
squid. So we had calamari appetizers with our sun downers. In the morning we walked into town for some ice and beer. Off to the
Tobago Cays.  The Tobago Cays are made up of a dozen small islands protected by a large horseshoe reef. Good snorkeling with
lots of sea turtles. Bought a Tuna from a local man and Cheryl made sushi rolls while the rest of us were snorkeling. We spent two
days there then we sailed to Mayreau. We anchored in a beautiful little bay on the back side. Jenne, Jon and I dove on a wreck it
was great but still no lobsters. Did the ice and beer thing then off to Union Island. Jon had done some research and this bay was
supposed to have great fishing. We tried but no luck. We did some great snorkeling then Jon and I went diving. It was awesome plus
we scored 2 lobsters. After we got back to the boat a local guy came buy selling lobster so we bought 2 more and had a feast. The
next day we sailed to Carriacou  where we checked into Grenada. We anchored next to Rick & Caralynn on Wind Song III. They told
how good the local oysters are so we ordered 3 dozen from one of the boat boys. He said he would get them in the morning and
bring them to the boat. The next morning we went diving with a local dive company. Very nice but hey it always is. When we got
back to the boat Cheryl had the oysters out and ready to eat. WOW oysters and beer after diving, on the boat in the Caribbean life
doesn’t get much better. That night we went to dinner with Rick and Caralynn. Rick & Caralynn have considered Carriacou there
home for many years and they know all the locals. We chatted with one guy who called himself “King”. What a character! The next
morning we left for Grenada. We were having a nice sail when bam. We hooked 2 Dorado. 1 0n the pole and 1 on the hand line.
We fought them for a ½ hour While trying to keep the boat sailing slow and under control. Unfortunately they both got away. As
always we had a great time with Jenne & Jon and look forward to there return in May ’08.

Well that’s about it for season 1. It was a great season in the Caribbean. Exploring new places and cultures, making new friends
and being able to share it with some friends & family. No doubt we are definitely blessed. A big thank you to Rick, Debbi & the whole
Tile Meister Gang for holding down the fort in our absence.

Until next year,
The Latest Caper Crew
Jon & Jenne at St Vincent
Botanical gardens
Cheryl's idea of fishing
Here fishy fishy
Fish On!!!
Jenne at the helm
Latest Caper at anchor
Baby Turtles
Sun Downers!
Life is Good!
Sailing to Union Island
I don't need sun screen!

Lobster Hunters!
Jenne's B-Day Dinner
Retirement Planning
Rick & Caralynn
Sailing to Grenada
Fish On !!!
Dorado Jumping
Trying to gaff a dorado
Grenada Waterfall
Grenada Beach
Latest Caper at rest
for the summer