Latest Caper
Spring 2006
After saying "Goodbye" to friends in San Diego, headed South to San Quintin.  This is a
dirty, dusty agricultural town with not much in its favor.  Using our trusty "Lonely Planet
Guide to Baja" we decided to spend the night at the Old Mill (the site of an old flour mill.  
Unfortunately, the directlons weren't very clear so we spent about an hour driving up
and down dusty, pot holed roads before we finally found our destination.  It was well
worth the dust and rattles!  The Old Mill is a sport fisherman's paradise.  Good ramp,
close to the Pacific in a well protected anchorage.  Plus, a beautiful, tropical location as
you can see by the following pictures.
Bonfire on the Beach at Bahia San Marte
Randy & Cheryl's Visit
Hanging out in our Secret Cove off Isla Danzante.  Spent  5 days here in perfect weather conditions.  Lots of
diving!  Many anchorages have hundreds of dead squid on the beaches, don't know why.  This anchorage
doesn't have that problem. Gary decided to jig for squid.  I went to the front of the boat no wanting to get
sprayed.  Luckily he caught one just right for eating,  we deep fried it.  Surprisingly not too much flavor.  Firm,
white meat.  Next time we catch one I'm going to have some good sauces to add flavor.  We watched dolphins
feeding every day.  They acted like they were kids trying to avoid the principal.  They would dive deep and then
come leaping into the air. Amazing to watch.
Danny & Carol's Visit
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