Cruising Logs Season 2
Latest Caper January 16, 2008 Rodney Bay, St. lucia, West Indies
Happy New Year! We hope this new year finds you happy, healthy and prosperous. It finds us in the West Indies! We arrived in Grenada
Jan. 2 and spent a week getting the boat ready to put back in the water. We stayed in a hotel and rented a car. Driving the car was a lot of
fun. Driving on the left side of the road from the right side of the car. Plus you have to drive island style, fast and furious! Lots of fun for
me not so much for Cheryl and my Mom & Dad. After a successful launch and provisioning the boat with food and grog we set sail to Union
Island about 35 miles to the north. The following morning we sailed to Bequia about 25 miles north. After getting a case of Cheryl's favorite
beer, Hairoun which is only available in the Grenadines, we left for St. Vincent where we ran into our favorite boat boy Jonathan. We had
him aboard for a beer and to catch up. He says " Jon."  In the morning we sailed to St. Lucia  59 miles north. In 4 days we sailed the same
distance as Cheryl and I sailed in 2 months last year! You ask whats the hurry? For one, "been there done that" and second we are
meeting our friends Mike and Patti in Dominica in 5 days. Dominica is still 2 more islands to the north. We arrived in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia
yesterday where we went out for a fancy dinner to celebrate my Dads birthday. We are doing a lay over day today to do laundry and
restock the Rum. Tomorrow we leave for Martinique. We are having fun sailing everyday, enjoying the scenery and enjoying each others
company. But we are ready to slow down a little and do some diving and lounging, 2 of our favorite things.

Latest Caper Crew
Randy, Cheryl, Gary & Genie
Driving the wide & wild
roads on the left side.
Latest Caper on the hard.
Ready to launch.
Randy & Gary
working on the boat.
Randy picking wild papaya.
Approaching St. Lucia.
Dad's birthday party in St. Lucia.
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Latest Caper January 30, 2008, Basseterre, St. Christopher (St. Kitts), West Indies

Ahoy Mates,
We are alive and well in St. Kitts.  How are you all?  Drop us a note and let us know.  We love to hear from you.  Of course you probably
have written and we don't know it.  Internet is hard to come by this year. Everybody seems to be locking their internet service.  Not me if
you ever need free internet just park in front of my house and help yourself.  Oh well maybe when we get to St. Maarten I can post these

When we last wrote we were in St. Lucia.  From there we sailed to Martinique where we spent 3 days. The highlights were The ruins in St.
Pierre where the volcano blew in 1902 killing 30,000 people instantly.  There were only 2 survivors.  The Bakery. Can you say "baguettes
and pastries" and, last but not least the Depaz Rum Distillery.  They sell Rum in a 5 liter box!!!  

Next island is Dominica where we tried to miss Mike & Pattie.  Luckily we were a day early because we had the wrong dates.  They stood
on the dock watching us for a few hours until they found a guy in a boat to tell us they were at the dock waiting for us.  Oops! We all had a
good laugh and a drink.  On Dominica we scuba dived, toured the island, swam in water falls and did a boat ride up the Indian river.  This
is where the witch from Pirates of the Caribbean lived.  It was pretty cool!

On to Guadeloupe where we spent a couple of days in Isle Des Saintes.  We anchored in front of this cool little French town.  Fresh
Baguettes!  We rented scooters and toured the island and went diving.  Mike & Pattie took us out for a incredible lobster dinner.  I hate to
admit it but, I do like the French islands.  Making our way north we sailed up the leeward side of Guadeloupe and stopped at Pigeon
Island which is in the Cousteau Underwater Park. Great scuba diving right off the boat.  It was great!  I could have stayed a month but, oh
no, we're off to Montserrat.

Montserrat is the island Jimmy Buffet sang about "Where  ya gonna go when da volcano blows? I don't know but I hope theres Rum."  
Something like that.  Well it blew in 1995 and destroyed the northern half of the island.  So we thought we would check it out.  Sailing past
the windward side you could see it smoking and smell some sulfur. When we got to the only anchorage it looked really rolly and not that
nice.  So we continued on to Nevis where we walked around town checked out a little museum and had Chinese food for lunch, yummy.  
The anchorage was really rolly so after an exciting night we motor sailed to St. Kitts.

On St. Kitts they have a narrow gauge railroad that runs around the island.  It used to haul all the sugar cane to the factory but has been
converted to a sight seeing train.  It has double decker cars and complimentary cocktails. Needless to say a good time was had by all.  
We also went scuba diving.  This was the first time I ever scored lobsters on a guided dive - 2 nice tails for happy hour munchies.  The
next day We hired a taxi to take us to Fort Charles.  We invited are neighbors, Paul & Maggie from Island Time to join us.  Very nice
couple hopefully we will run into them again in the future.  Wow what a incredible Fort.  They have done a great job restoring it.  We spent
an 1-1/2 hours there and maybe saw 1/2 the place.  Tomorrow Mike & Pattie fly home.  We had such a great time with them.  I will
especially miss them as dive buddies.  We were a great dive team.

We will sail to St. Maarten in the morning and just maybe get these logs posted on the web site.  Also my Dads brother, Doug and his wife,
Shari fly into St. Maarten next week.  Then it's back to Caper's home in the BVI.

Latest Caper Crew
Randy, Cheryl,Gary & Genie
Depaz Distillery
Look at all that Rum!!!
200 year old tree
Volcano at St. Pierre
Lunch at my place
Indian River
Randy & Mike
Yummy crab!!!
"Get your motor running"
Latest Caper in the Saintes
The Saintes
I wonder if there
are 2 pots of gold?
Volcano at Montserrat
My latest caper
Nevis, St. Kitts in
the background
Mike & Pattie in Nevis
Fort Charles, Stacia &
Saba in the background
Batik Factory St. Kitts
Huge tree St Kitts
Gary, Genie, Paul &
Scenic train St. Kitts
Scenic train
Stacia in the background
Or maybe not!!!
Latest Caper, February 6, 2008  Sint Maarten, Dutch Antilles, West Indies

Yes, it feels good to be back in St. Maarten.  Home of free internet, cell phone service, 10 cent blackjack & 5 cent roulette, my favorite
Chinese soup, movie theater, cheap booze ($7.00 Stolli's or Mount Gay) just to name a few of the things I like about St. Maarten.  We
arrived on Friday February 1st.  When you arrive in a new country you have to raise their flag on the starboard side of the mast.   It is at
this point that  we also remember to take down the flag from the previous country.  I think it is more of a courtesy than a actual law.  Any
way we had always wanted to come through the draw bridge on a Friday afternoon while all the Friday afternoon crowd cheered us on
from the St Maarten Yacht Club Bar.  Mom & Cheryl did the "queen" wave as we passed by. Dad & I pay extra attention as to not hit
anything and look like fools in front of the crowd of people.

We also were able to see the Bore oops I mean Super Bowl.  The highlight was the $1.00 beers.  It was also fun to watch the crowd as
there are a lot of east coasters here and you know how they are, Ned.  Last night we went to a cruisers pot luck.  Good people and good
food.  Besides that, we have just been dinking around on the boat. For example we needed to recharge the fridge but no body was
available to do it.  So Dad & I bought the stuff to do it ourself.  As you can see by the picture below it seems to have worked.  Doug &
Shari arrive on Friday. We will spend a couple of days goofing around St. Maarten then it's off to the BVI. Dad & I are looking forward to
the trip because it will be the first time we will be able to fly the spinnaker, YAHOO.  I will post picks when we get to the BVI.

Latest Caper Crew
Randy, Cheryl, Gary & Genie  
PS, 2 1/2 weeks nicotine free and I haven't killed anybody, YET!!!
Cheryl & Mom
waving to the crowd
Cheryl lowering the St. Kitts flag and raising the
Netherlands flag before entering St. Maarten
Approaching the draw bridge
Ft. Charles with Stacia
in the background
 Cheryl & Dad.
Cheryl's first sunrise of the trip.
St. Kitts to St. Maarten
I think we got the fridge
working properly
Yeah Baby!!!
February 8 - 21, 2008

Doug and Shari arrived in St. Maarten on February 8th.  Following are some highlights!
Philipsburg, Sint
Marigot, French side
Bridge leaving
Sailing to the BVI
The Baths.  Little wet from
our swim from the dinghy to
The Baths!  Isn't it
Gluttony on the high
Randy gathering
Randy definitely has
the technique.
More gluttony!
Said "goodbye" to
Randy & Cheryl in
Tortola and sailed over
to St. Johns.
Used to be a crabby
lady here.  She must
have been off this day.
Everyone was very
Disney cruise ship.  
The horn played the
1st few notes of "When
I Wish Upon a Star".  
Loved it!
This is actually a tour
bus in Charlotte
Amalie, St. Thomas.
Typical cemetery.  
They place new ones
upon the existing ones.
This little guy decided
to join us for lunch.
We reluctantly said "goodbye" to Doug and Shari.  We always have such
a great time together.  Gary and I spent another three weeks In Charlotte
Amalie.  Had to replace our anchor windlass.  Had a great time watching
the cruise ships and all the activities.  St. Thomas is easy to get around
and reasonably priced.
March 22 - April 5, 2008

Had a beautiful four hour sail from Charlotte Amalie to Isla Culebrita in the Spanish Virgin Islands.  One of the most spectacular
anchorages we have ever seen.  Pulled in on Thursday evening and shared the anchorage with 3 other boats.  The next morning
a few more boats came in, a few playing pretty loud music but they left around sundown.  On Saturday morning the anchorage
filled to capacity with all sizes and shapes of power boats.  Lots of music and boats roaring to and fro.  But again, most left at
sundown.  Sunday was more of the same.  Monday, back to total peace and quiet.  Was quite enjoyable.  The weather forecast
dictated that we should leave this anchorage so we sailed about 2 hours to Culebra.  Very nice anchorage and cute little town.  
Because of a front coming through, the Northern side of the island had record breaking waves.  Met some great cruisers.
Isla Culebrita
All of these security vehicles roamed the anchorage on Saturday.  Guess they were protecting us from
girls in bikinis!  What a boon doggle!
This picture doesn't
really show the size
and power of these
New cruising friends.
An Ecology School in
Dewey, Culebra.  A
very nice, clean little
Can't resist the beautiful flower pictures.
While we were in Culebra, we took the ferry from there to Fajardo.  About an hour and fifteen minute ride which
cost us $1 per person each way!!!  That was the Senior fare, regular fare $2 each way.  Fajardo was going to
be where we were meeting Randy, Dave and Bernd for our sail to the Turks and Caicos.  Decided to take the
ferry over just to scope out the area.  We then sailed from Culebra to Isla Palomino about 3 miles from Fajardo.
April 9 - April 21, 2008

Rented a car and drove the scenic route into San Juan from Fajardo, about 35 miles.  Miles of beautiful beaches and clear water.  Toured
Old San Juan.  Picked up Randy at the airport and headed back to Fajardo.  Did some heavy duty provisioning since we've heard prices
after Puerto Rico are very high.  Can you imagine 30 cases of beer, plus Rum, Vodka and Wine!  Oh yeah, we did buy food too!  Randy
picked up Dave and Bernd (SCUBA buddies) at the airport and the next morning we headed South.  Made two anchorages on the South
side of Puerto Rico.  The anchorages were quite desolate and beautiful.  Had to watch out for the reefs!  Flew the spinnaker for the first
time!  Our jumping off anchorage was Boqueron on the West and South shore of Puerto Rico.  Left for the Caicos at 9:00 a.m. on
Sunday.  Unfortunately the winds were light so we had to motor sail but the waves were fairly calm  so the autopilot did most of the
steering.  Monday afternoon a part broke on the autopilot so the guys had to hand steer until we arrived at the South Caicos on Tuesday
about 10:00 a.m.  With the light winds and small waves it was a very pleasant trip.  Spent a couple of cloudy days at the South Caicos and
decided to go ahead and cross the Caicos Bank even though we would have preferred a sunny day - the better to see reefs in the water.  
The average water depth was 10'.  We draw 6' so it was 45 miles of caution.  The water clear and so many colors of blue.  Arrived in
Provodenciales around 3:00 p.m. The sun arrived about the same time!
Flying the Chute!
Swordfish, barracuda and tuna!  The guys had a
great time bringing them in!
Our intrepid crew -
Dave and Bernd.  
They were great sports
and lots of fun!
Isla Palominito off
Fajardo.  Looked exactly
like the island where
Elizabeth destroyed the
rum in Pirates of the
Right outside of San
This iguana was
probably 3 feet long.
View coming into
Fajardo.  Tallest peak
in Puerto Rico and the
only rai forest in the
Dave raising the
Turks & Caicos
Dave driving.  Bernd
Randy with our new
navigation computer.  
Pretty slick!
Now this is true island time
Arriving in South
Believe it or not we all
fit in this little car.  
Including Dave &
Bernd's luggage.
Slip at South Side Marina,
Providenciales.  Pretty tight fit!
April 23rd -May 1st

The last day in the marina was hot so decided to go for a snorkel to cool off.  Randy caught a lobster but Genie said it was Bambi so he
let it go.  Shortly afterwards Gary discovered a crab hiding in the coral.  After a tough battle, Gary and Randy managed to bag him.  He
was huge and yummy. .Left South Side Marina on the high tide.  South Side was the best marina we've ever experienced.  Simon and
Charlyn we the managers and couldn't have been more helpful.  They had everyone over for Happy Hour one evening and we met some
wonderful new cruisers.  In particular a young couple from Norway, Kristen and Lene.  Going into the marina we definitely did a little
dredging on the way.  That was the second time  we have gone aground.  We're getting rather casual about being in 8' or less water.   
Did a deep water sail to the West Caicos.  (Deep water meaning more than 10')   Piked up a dive mooring ball and we all went for a
snorkel.  Water unbelieving clear and beautiful.  
Woke up and had Mom make pancakes.  Randy and Gary went for a morning dive on a 400' wall just 50' from the boat.  100' visability,  
great fish, great coral.  First dive for Randy and Gary for awhile at 80' so it went quick.  After a post dive beer, decided to motor the wall in
the boat and do some fishing.  The water is so clear you could see exactly where the wall dropped off.  After a few minutes got a strike!  
Randy pulled in a beautiful 10# Spanish Mackerel.  Looked very much like a Brook trout.  Picked up another mooring ball and had sashimi
for lunch..  Randy and Gary went for a second dive on the wall and Genie went snorkeling.  Genie saw a nurse shark, a ray and some
beautiful coral heads.  This time Randy & Gary's dive was much more relaxed.  Great coral, great fish.  Saw an 8' black tip shark cruising
the wall - way cool.  On the way back to the boat spotted a lobster and shot him with the Hawaiian sling.  Not 30 seconds later a gray reef
shark swam by.  You could tell by the way he was swimming that he was looking for a free meal.  No Way!!  Not giving up our lobster.  
Back to boat for a few more post dive beers.  Dinner was grilled Spanish Mackerel with a lobster cream sauce, green salad with Feta
cheese and rice with a bottle of good red wine.  Probably one of the best meals we have ever eaten including fancy restaurants.  Later
that evening Kristen and Lene dinghied over for a couple of after dinner drinks.  Yes, another perfect day.   It was so perfect we forgot to
take pictures.  Our Bad.
These are examples of our "deep
water" sail.  Those dark patches are
coral heads - definitely need to avoid
those!  It's almost impossible to tell
how deep the water is because it is so
The Perfect Day!
The following morning we left for Mayaguana.  A 50 mile sail.  Light winds so ended up motor sailing again.  The only catch was a
baracuda.   We're not eating them.  Next morning left early with a destination of Atwood Harbor on Acklin Island about 60 miles away.  The
seas ware rough and about the time we headed in got a strike on the line.  After a 30 minute battle Randy brought in the largest fish
we've caught.  About a 50# yellow tail tuna.  Genie took pictures (she thought).  A very My Bad.  Just like the Spanish Mackerel pictures.  
Gotta learn how to take pictures!  Sorry Jon.  Randy and Gary are verbally abusing me and I'm sure I'll never hear the end of it.  A special
thanks to Doug for the fighting belt.  Never would have got him up to the boat without it.  Sorry, there are no pictures.  (Still catching shit
over it.)  

After bagging the fish, the biggest fish we've ever caught, the one with no pictures.  Yep, still catching shit!  Anyway, eased our way up to
the anchorage.  Saw a boat inside the reef and he was definitely rockin' and rollin' so decided to keep on to the next anchorage which
was 30 miles away.  We pulled into Landrail on Crooked Island.  Passed Bird Rock lighthouse.  Pictures to come - taken by Gary.  A 90
mile, 12 hour day.  6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.  Typical anochorage with lots of shallow water so you definitely need to arrive in daylight.  Just
made it!

The next day Genie made Italian sausage omelets for breakfast and the first batch of home made English muffins.  Randy was beginning
to think they were just a myth.  Of course there is no picture evidence.  Yep, still catching shit.  Went snorkeling.  Unbelievably white sand
and clear water.  Genie was swimming along and Randy came by with the biggest lobster we've ever seen.  A monster.  Dad took pictures.
 Had grilled oriental tuna for lunch (no picture) and just the lobster tail for dinner.  Could have fed 4!!!  Saving the rest of the lobster for
Bird Rock lighthouse.
Finally a picture of
the tuna.
If a picture is worth a thousand words - here's three!!!!!
Motor sailed the 39 miles to Clarence Town, Long Island.  Rough seas and squalls.  Luckily only a six hour trip.  Randy & Gary steered while
Genie stayed dry down below.  Clarence Town has another beautiful, though shallow, anchorage.  We were just happy to get into flat water.  
Gary and Randy took a quick dingy ride into the marina to check in only to find out we couldn't do it there but at another location about 12
miles away.  Decided to rent a car the next day and tour the island.  Long Island is just that, nearly 80 miles in length and rarely more than 4
miles across.  Kinda shaped like a Slim Jim pepper.  Checked in (our official check into the Bahamas) and then started exploring.  Here are the
Columbus Memorial erected in 1989 and dedicated to Columbus and a late apology to the indigenous people of Long Island for killing
them all off within 50 years of that first contact with the European World.  Views from the area.
The Blue Hole at Turtle Cove.  The second largest Blue Hole in the World.  You literally walk out in ankle deep
water and within two steps, you're swimming in indigo blue water 660 feet deep!  Randy and Genie did a little
snorkeling and Gary was the photographer.  That's Randy jumping off the cliff into the blue hole!
Oh My!!  A post
snorkel treat!
Two of Father Jerome's churches.  The second one, Saints Peter and Paul Church looks like something right out of Greece.  
Stunning from the outside and very simple on the inside.   Views of Clarence Town and Caper at anchor.  We're on the right.
This helicopter kept circling the Blue
Hole.  Didn't know if they had tourists
on board or if they were checking us
The guidebooks mentioned something about 4 wheel
drive vehicles!  Didn't say anything about fording!        
       Thank God we got the insurance!!!!
The beach at the South end of Long
Island.  Gorgeous white sand.

May 1st - May 9th

Sailed to Rum Cay.  Small, fairly barren island.  About 100 people inhabit the island.  I don't think a lot of them are very happy to be
there.  Some were rather crabby.  Guess it would be a pretty boring existence.   After using the wireless and some snorkeling sailed
to Conception Island.  Randy & Gary caught fish at the same time.  That was pretty exciting.  Conception Island is barely 3 x 2 miles
in land area but reefs extend as far out as 4 miles.  The island itself rises to 60 feet.  The whole area is a marine park and is
gorgeous.  After we anchored, Gary and Randy continued to clean our fish.  Gary was startled when a shark rose to the surface and
snatched up the fish parts he was throwing into the water.  Ended up having three sharks circling the boat for several hours.  From
now on we'll clean our fish and clean up the boat before we arrive at our anchorage.  2 free rum drinks aboard Latest Caper to the
first 5 people who can identify these sharks!!
Church at Rum Cay                     Rum Cay                    Hooked at the same                Reefs surrounding          Caper at anchor
                                                                                             time!                               Conception Island       

            These sharks looked about 6' long.                                       View from the top                                          View from the bottom

   This was one of the only palm trees on                    Climbing to the top!                     Footprints in the         Ships beware these
                    Conception Island.                                                                                               sand                             reefs!
Living Large of the Land!   

That's fresh coconut with
the sashimi.  $100 plate of
fresh tuna sashimi.
Spent several days at Conception and Randy and Gary went diving two of those days.   Said the wall was extraordinary.  Saw lots of
lion fish and a black fin shark on both dives.  On the first dive there was a long swim through.  Entered it at 60' and came out at 80'
on a wall which seemed to go on forever.  On our last morning we took the dinghy and explored a salt water mangrove lagoon.
Views from the lagoon.
Took these
pictures from the
dinghy going 5
knots!  Pretty
Flew the spinnaker on two days on our way to
George Town.  So peaceful without the motor.  
George Town is on Great Exuma Island and a
major stopover for boats going North & South.  
It's very shallow.  Took about an hour to find a
good anchorage.
Took the dinghy into town to check it out.  Fairly nice grocery store and laundromat.  Always top of the list for cruisers!  Not too much
happening considering its a major stopover.  Barry and Sherry (Gary's cousin and wife) arrive tonight and Cheryl and Tony on Sunday.
We plan to leave on Monday and meander our way to Nassau.

Having a great trip and enjoy hearing back from you.  

Randy, Gary & Genie
May 9 - May 24, 2008

Georgetown in the Exuma's is supposed to be the "hub" for cruising sailors in the Bahamas.  We were surprised that it was so small and
offered so few services.  We're kinda getting used to the shallow waters and our fingernails are fairly unchewed!  Met Gary's cousin,
Barry and wife, Sherry on Friday evening and then Cheryl and Tony on Sunday.  One of our first stops was a snorkel at Thunderbolt
Cave.  This is a beautiful grotto and was filmed in Thunderbolt and Splash.  The fish are so used to being fed that they swarm around
you looking for handouts.  A huge variety of fish and the colors were beautiful.

At one anchorage we tied the head of one of the fish we caught to the back of the boat.  Attracted a large nurse shark who tried to tear
it loose from the boat.  Quite a bit of splashing.  He didn't succeed in getting it totally loose but did manage to eat it pretty clean.  Sherry
isn't too keen on snorkeling.  This wasn't what she needed to see!  Next on our agenda was Staniel Cay to see the pigs!  These pigs
are fed mainly by cruisers and seem quite healthy.  Unfortunately Barry wasn't as healthy.  Developed a terrible toothache (having had
recent dental work) and they had to return early but not before Randy prepared to do an extraction!  Note all the appropriate tools!
After saying a reluctant "goodbye" to Barry and Sherry we proceeded to Warderick Wells.  Beautiful anchorage and lots of trails to
explore on the island.  Definitely need to stay in the channel on this one!  That's a curly tailed lizard and a huge iguana.
Next stop the beautiful Atlantis Marina in Nassau.  An incredible resort with huge aquariums depicting the lost city of Atlantis.  Great water
park and lots of pools.   Relunctantly said "goodbye" to Tony.  Rented a car to take Tony to the airport and did a tour of Nassau.  General
impression - way too many cars but great provisioning.  The evening Tony left, Randy and Cheryl's friend, Jon joined us.  One night  the
three of them did their impression of "The Wedding Crashers" and crashed a company party.  They partied like Pirates!  Everyone was
hugely entertained.
Randy herding coconuts!        Jon assuming the               Randy "hog tying" a
                                              position.                             Dorado.